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   Heritage Junior Hockey League: HJHL Constitution
Heritage Junior Hockey League

MISSION / LEAGUE OBJECTIVES                            
LEAGUE OFFICERS                                                  
LEAGUE DIRECTORS                                             
LEAGUE COMMITTEES                                               
HARRASSMENT POLICY                                       
WEB SITES                                                             
League Executive Job Responsibilities
1st Vice President 
2nd Vice President 

The name of the League shall be the "HERITAGE JUNIOR HOCKEY LEAGUE” hereafter known as the “HJHL”.
The Heritage Junior Hockey League (HJHL) will teach and promote the skills and sportsmanship of the sport while assisting players to grow as young adults in an organized and competitive League.
A) To foster and encourage greater opportunity for participation in Junior Hockey for players of amateur status.
B) To be a developmental hockey program striving to impact player skills, character and contribution to community
B) To promote and maintain a proficient competitive league operation.
C) To abide by the rules as set down by Hockey Canada (HC) and Hockey Alberta (HA).
D) To direct and control any business involved with the League in connection with its involvement and abidance of the rules as set down by Hockey Canada (HC) and/or Hockey Alberta (HA).
1. All participating teams and subsequent junior age teams that are accepted and granted a franchise are eligible for League membership.
1.1. That the HJHL Board hereby understands; agrees; and assures all present teams of the HJHL that they cannot have their franchises taken from them or be dismissed from the HJHL other than for:
1.1.1. a violation of the Constitution &/or By Laws including failure to meet the standards and financial means required by the League
1.1.2. Failure to maintain a competitive on-ice product as determined by a vote of 75% of the League membership
1.2. Any termination for such breech will result in forfeiture of that teams performance bond and all interests in the League
2. The members of the HJHL shall each maintain and operate a hockey team of the highest possible calibre for the purpose of engaging annually in a regular season schedule and playoffs games with teams of other members.
3. All team member boards; officials; staff; and off ice representatives will always demonstrate a behaviour of the highest professionalism and ethics and will always present the HJHL League in a similar manner
4. To be eligible for League Membership, a junior aged applicant team must be approved by 75% of the Board of Directors attending the League meeting held for this purpose and for which all Members have had an advance copy of the agenda.
5. New Membership - Membership must be by written application to the HJHL President. Included with the application will be the HJHL entry fee (Item 6.1). Applications must be made 30 days prior to the AGM or Special Meeting called for this purpose. Each new applicant must make a formal presentation to the league at the application meeting. The application must include:
a) A description of the organization, financial status and home rink
b) The city or town in which the club of the applicant is to be located.
c) Written confirmation from the town that ice times are available based upon the league’s historical regular season and playoff needs.
d) A statement from the teams Directors that upon and in consideration of election to membership, the applicant will subscribe to and agree to be bound by these bylaws and all amendments thereto and all the rules and regulations of the league (HJHL).
e) Upon acceptance of franchise, the following conditions must be met:
i) That all financial obligations are met;
ii) That all bylaws and rules & regulations of the constitution are met;
iii) That the HJHL described performance bond be posted (Item 6.1);
iv) That the non-refundable entry fee be paid to the HJHL (Item 6.2);
v) Minimum (1) one year probation for a new team, the probation will be discussed following the AGM and may be removed only at the Board or Director’s discretion.
f) Unusual Situation – In the case of an unusual situation, where a potential new application requires a shorter time frame to apply to the league for team status, the President may call an emergency meeting with one representative for each team to decide on the situation presented.
6. Fees... All existing, pre 2014 15 season League members, will continue to carry a Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) Performance Bond with the Secretary/Treasurer to retain League membership.
6.1. All new applicants, after May 2014, must post a Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar ($2,500.00) Performance Bond with the Secretary / Treasurer to become a member of the HJHL.
6.1.1. Fee must be paid at the League AGM at the time of, and once the applicant is accepted into the league
6.2. Additionally, after 2014, all new applicants to the HJHL will be required to pay a League entry fee of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500.00), non-refundable.
6.2.1. This fee must be paid prior to the scheduling meeting of the first season the applicant will be attending... such meeting is usually held in the later part of July.
7. Transfer of Membership - No membership may be sold, assigned or otherwise transferred except:
7.1. With the consent of a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors.
7.2. If a transfer is approved the new ownership will be treated as per a new membership above... however, all currently approved fees and bond conditions & costs must be met.
8. Leave Of Absence - A leave of absence may be granted to any member team subject to the following conditions:
8.1. The leave must be applied for by April 30 of the current playing season.
8.2. The leave must be approved by a 2/3 majority of all HJHL Board Members as per league voting regulations.
8.3. Any leave of absence will be in effect for one year only and cannot be renewed for the following playing season.
8.4. Notification to return to active status must be received by the League Office no later than April 30 of the year they are absent from the league.
8.5. The team being granted a leave of absence may lay claim to five (5) players from their current roster, which they may assign to other League members.
8.5.1. This must be completed prior to any league team signing other players of the team and before September 1st of the Leave Year.
8.5.2. Notice, signed by each team participating in the assignment, and must be sent to the League in advance of the regular season beginning. The notice must list the players name; age (at time of assignment) and transfer team’s name
8.5.3. These players must return to the assignment team when that team returns to active status (the following year) providing the players wish to do so, or other mutual arrangements are agreed to as per the league trading agreement.
8.6. The remaining players on the leave of absence team are then free to sign with any team of their choice with no future obligation by player or signing team to the Leave of Absence Team.
9. Voluntary Withdrawal - Any member of the league may withdraw from membership by tendering its written resignation to the President and by making full payment of any and all dues or other debts owing to the league. Said written resignation from membership must be filed with the President of the league 30 days prior to the annual meeting of that same year. Should the withdrawing member fail to comply with any of the above provisions, the League shall be entitled to retain, as it’s sole property the withdrawing Member’s performance Bond and all interest that the withdrawing Member may have in and to any of the League’s Assets.
10. League imposed Probations; Suspensions; and Terminations:
10.1. If the HJHL Executive determines that a team is icing a non-competitive team they may:
10.1.1. Request by email, fax, telephone,, or meeting, the authority of the league board to place such team on probation and or suspension pending further evaluation
10.1.2. At a formally scheduled or called meeting, the league’s executive may request a vote to determine further action to be taken against the accused team which could result in a one year probation or  suspension; or a termination from the league
10.1.3. Such action would require a 75% affirmative vote of the rest of the league membership
10.2. At the scheduled League AGM the league membership, with at least a 75% approval, may suspend and or terminate the status of membership of any team for practices and or behaviour deemed inappropriate and or not meeting the terms and conditions of membership as deemed by the membership.
11. All team members of the HJHL are entitled to wear the League logo on their team jackets; uniforms and on/in game programs and will seek the Leagues permission for such use before hand.
11.1. Teams will display with pride the league logo on their web sites
12. Any member found guilty of contravening the Bylaws and Regulations of the HJHL or of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the HJHL may be fined, expelled, suspended, or required to post an additional Performance Bond at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
13. LEAGUE FEES - The annual League fees for each team shall be set at the AGM… such meeting normally held the later part of May each year.
13.1. The league executive will present a draft proposed budget for the upcoming year at each AGM.
13.1.1. The members will review the budget and determine member league fees and special assessments based on an understanding of the league’s current financial report and draft budget.
13.1.2. Leagues fees will be due, IN FULL, no later than the League scheduling meeting each year. All games played by any team where league fees have remained unpaid will result as follows
• Till October 31, forfeiture of all points won which will be given to the opposing team(s).
• Nov. 1 to Nov. 15 same as above plus a $200 fine
• As at December 10 – Suspended from League Play and an additional $200 fine
• Should any opposing team be in default of League fee payments then no one will be awarded statistical points.
13.1.3. No team shall be entitled to be represented and/or have voting privileges at the AGM or any Special Meeting of this League unless its financial commitments to the league are fully paid and they are deemed to be in good standing with the league including. League Fees; Team Fines; special assessments, etc.
14. The HJHL shall elect a minimum of six (6) officers:
• President
• 1st Vice President
• 2nd Vice President
• Governor
• Secretary
• Treasurer
14.1. The HJHL may appoint a Management review Committee with specific duties, from amongst its membership
14.2. The HJHL may also decide to appoint non-officer league positions such as statistician, web manager, etc.
14.3. No League Officer can be a member or have a direct working relationship with any League Team at time of election or anytime while on the League Executive.
15. Duties And Powers Of The Executive
15.1. To conduct the business of the league in its entirety between annual meetings and to have complete control of hockey activities within its membership.
15.2. To propose membership for any team making proper application to the league or leave of absence from the league and to vote on acceptance or rejection of such applications.
15.3. To discuss all actions including suspensions, etc. regarding any team, coach, manager, player, team official and act upon application for reinstatement by same.
15.4. To suspend, fine or expel any club, coach, manager, player or team official for refusing to accept and obey the rulings of the executive for any proven disrespect, abuse, unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct, individual or collectively, at any place where hockey is being played or at any meeting or in any format.
15.5. All appeals will be heard by the executive committee, as constituted by the HJHL executive. An appeal fee of $100.00 will apply. All appeals will be handled within 48 hours. All discussions can be appealed to the AAHA as per guidelines.
15.6. To act as sole custodian of all league trophies, be the judge as to where such trophies shall be stored and maintained, accept or refuse any new trophies and purchase any new trophies for competition if deemed advisable.
15.7. To procure and make available a copy of the league constitution; bylaws and rules and regulations to each member.
16. Executive Protocol – In case of absence or disqualification, the following chain of command will apply;
a)  President
b)  1st Vice-President
c) 2nd Vice President
d) Governor
e)  Management Committee
16.1. PRESIDENT: The President is responsible for proper supervision (and Jurisdiction) of all League activities (See Attachment of President Responsibilities)
16.2. VICE PRESIDENTS: The Vice Presidents shall provide support to the duties of the President in enforcing the League’s Bylaws, Rules and Regulations (See Attachment of 1st & 2nd Vice President Responsibilities)
16.3. GOVERNOR: The Governor shall provide support to the duties of the President in enforcing the League’s Suspensions, Fines, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations (See Attachment of Governor Responsibilities)
16.4. SECRETARY(See Attachment of  Secretary Responsibilities)
16.5. TREASURER: (See Attachment of Treasurer Responsibilities)
17. Each HJHL Member will appoint one (1) Director from its executive (preferably Team President) or non-bench team staff (preferably General Manager) plus 1Alternate, to the HJHL Board of Directors.
17.1. The names of these team appointees will be provided to the League before the League Scheduling meeting
17.1.1. In the case where the appointees have changed from the year just ended then the league must be notified by email; mail or fax of the Teams new or temporary representatives before the AGM if the Team wishes to have a vote at this meeting.
17.1.2. This contact is with whom the league will send all correspondence and it is that persons responsibility to ensure his/her team receives the information in a timely manner and as appropriate
17.2. These HJHL team appointed Directors will be charged with formulating
17.2.1.  The policies and direction of the HJHL and its membership.
17.2.2. Over-see and manage the Leagues appointed volunteer executive positions
17.2.3. Recruit, recommend and elect all volunteer executive positions
18. A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be supplied to all posted Directors of the HJHL and any updates to same.
18.1. Teams are encouraged to copy these documents for at least 2 other Team Board/Staff Members to avoid any unnecessary future breeches in behaviour that might result in avoidable suspensions & fines.
18.2. Failure of any team to meet their requirements are the responsibility of each team and the absence of League Reps will not be an excuse for forgiveness 
19. Volunteer Executive - Should a vacancy occur or a new position added to the Executive Group, then a Nominations Committee of Board of Directors will be convened at the direction of and in agreement with the HJHL Board of Directors and shall be empowered to seek candidates for presentation to board for election and or/appoint a proper replacement of their choice.
20. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - The annual meeting of the league shall be held in late May/early June of each year, at a date, time and place to be fixed by the President. The annual meeting will be open to all members.
20.1. Election of all executive shall take place at the AGM;
20.2. Discussion on League Fees shall take place at the AGM.
20.3. Discussion and agreement on the Regular Season:
20.3.1. League format
20.3.2. League start and end game dates
20.3.3. Number of games in the schedule
20.3.4. Playoff format and dates
20.3.5. Date for the scheduling meeting
21. OTHER MEETINGs – Scheduled meetings shall normally be held:
21.1. July/August – Scheduling meeting (date to be decided at the AGM)
22. SPECIAL MEETINGS - Special meetings of the league may be called by the President at any time and shall be called by him/her whenever requested by a majority of the league members, by verbal communication.
23. UNATTENDED MEETINGS - A fine of $100.00 will be assessed to any team, whose Representatives miss two meetings in any given operating year.
24. NOTICES OF MOTION - Notices shall set forth any proposed amendments to these bylaws or to the rules and regulations.
24.1. Notices for amendments or changes to the HJHL By Laws; Rules; and or Policies/Procedures, which may only be discussed at the AGM meeting, must be in the hands of the HJHL President or his designate 30 days prior to the meeting date.
24.1.1. Such Notices must be presented in a written statement of Motion and may be faxed; emailed or mailed as long as the HJHL Executive has them in their hands 30 days before the AGM
24.2. Notices of proposed amendments to these bylaws or the rules and regulations must be presented to the members no later than ten (10) days in advance of the AGM either by email; fax; or mail.
25. AMENDMENTS – Any amendments to the bylaws; or rules; or policies / procedures may be amended by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) majority of all members of the league in attendance at the AGM.
25.1. Exception - The member clubs do have the right to change any of the general rules or policies/procedures (not the By Laws) at any other special meeting with the unanimous approval from ALL member clubs.
25.1.1. If even one member team opposes a motion, the motion will have been defeated and cannot be re-addressed until the Leagues Annual General Meeting.
26. Voting - Voting shall normally be done with a show of hands at all meetings – proxies will not be accepted... one vote per team
26.1. A secret ballot may be used if any one member makes a motion that is supported unanimously by all members in attendance
27. Quorum - A quorum at regular and special meetings shall exist when 50% + 1 of the League Directors are present.
27.1.  The President or his designate shall vote only in the case of a tie.
27.2. For the purpose of passing a motion at the AGM or in the case of changes to the By Laws; Rules; or Policies / Procedures at a Special Meeting then 75% of the members must be in attendance.
28. Minutes of all meetings shall be circulated to the Board of Directors within three (3) weeks after meeting date.
29. The League Executive will invite representatives of a minimum of 2 Referee Zones to attend at least one meeting a year with the Executive and the Board members... preferably the AGM
29.1. Such meetings will be exclusively used to positively work toward a co-operative working relationship and to provide for understanding and potential responsiveness to mutual needs
30. The Members of the HJHL or the President of the League may, as determined, invite from amongst its membership a variety of Committees and Ad Hoc Committees to work with the League Executive to guarantee long term harmony and operational effectiveness of the League.
30.1. No League Member should be on more than any one committee in a given operating year
30.2. Should the League determine to annually implement all or any of these committees and due to the varying complexity of each committee and the need for each team to have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the League, committee membership will rotate each year thereafter and thus new elections will be held at the annual AGM for these positions.
30.3. The League Executive, preferably the Secretary, will retain a record of positions held by each team according to position and year served to ensure on-going continuity of this policy.
30.4. Meetings of any committee may occur in person or via telephone conference call or such avenues like Skype, etc., as determined by the committee members
30.5. Committees should consist of 3 but no less than 2 of its members plus various Executive members and that the committee should have member representatives from each Conference and or Division of its League.
31. The Various Committees that may be formed could include:
31.1. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - work with the League President and or League Executive Team to:
31.1.1. Support the needs of the League Executive;
31.1.2. Review on-ice official issues; and
31.1.3. Assist in addressing all major issues that arise.
31.1.4. This process provides league members and executive a positive sounding board to deal with key HJHL issues
31.2. POLICY COMMITTEE - work with the League Vice President to:
31.2.1. Review the League’s Constitution; By Laws; Rules; and or Policies and make recommendations to its full Member body of appropriate changes to these League entities.
31.3. SUSPENSIONS/APPEALS COMMITTEE - would work with the League Governor and or President to:
31.3.1. Recommend changes to the League Suspensions & Fines
31.3.2. Confirm and or to implement in conjunction with the president certain fines and or suspensions levied at Team Officials and Staff accused or abuse; disrespect or embarrassment toward the League; It Members; it’s Executive and or Game Officials
31.3.3. Review and adjudicate all team appeals; The Appeals Committee decisions are final
31.4. NOMINATION COMMITTEE - The Committee will be formed only when there is a vacancy in the League Executive positions.
31.4.1. The Committee will be formed if required, especially in the case of a vacancy in the League President position
31.4.2. Membership will guarantee all Conferences are represented.
31.4.3. The nomination committee will keep the League Membership informed of its planned intentions and outcomes (fax or Email)
31.4.4. Any nominations for executive positions must be submitted to the Membership a minimum of 14 days prior to the HJHL AGM or a special meeting called for this purpose.
31.4.5. The nomination Committee will conduct the Election of Executive Officers at the League’s AGM. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is needed to appoint the Executive.
31.5. FINANCE COMMITTEE – This Committee could be formed to review and or re-structure the finances of the League
32. HARASSMENT - The HJHL will not tolerate abuse of any nature (Sexual, Emotional or Physical) to any player, team, on-ice official; off-ice official, league officer; or arena staff
33. All teams having membership in the HJHL will provide documentation, by September 1 of each season that indicates they are satisfied that the staff and volunteers associated with their teams have an acceptable background by their community standard for their position of trust.
33.1. Teams will require all team staff to have a security clearance with the RCMP and with Child Welfare before becoming a member of Team Staff. Such clearances will form part of the above documentation
34. The League will maintain a web site that will provide up to date league information.
34.1. The site costs will be equally added to each teams annual fee
34.2. The site will provide, as a minimum, the following
34.2.1. A front page featuring links to standings; player stats; team stats; historical items; suspensions; policies; game scores; game schedules; team contacts; league contacts; links to other hockey sites; league news; and up-coming games.
34.3. The site will be maintained regularly ensuring game results and team standings are updated within 24 hours and player stats updated within 72 hours of a game played
34.4. Teams, via the home game host, will provide the league with a game review news sheet with each game sheet faxed in
34.4.1. With this game review news sheet the league governor will select at least one major game review to be featured on the front page of the league web site (news feature will be continually be added and rolled down on the web site.
34.5. Teams will ensure this game review news sheet is continually used and faxed to the league governor whenever the Team:
34.5.1. Signs a new Player
34.5.2. Has an announcement that speaks to an existing player or past player is promoted into a more senior hockey program
34.5.3. Has an announcement where a player signs a post secondary scholarship as a result of being scouted
34.5.4. Maintain an alumni history of players moving onto a next level hockey program and or obtaining post secondary scholarships
34.5.5. Adds a new Team Staff Member
34.5.6. To communicate other good or informative news items that will help profile our league.
35. Password to the League Web Site will be shared for the purpose of keeping individual team information current
35.1. Team’s will annually be provided instructions of editing and entering the start of the year player rosters
35.1.1. Such inputs MUST be immediately faxed to the League Governor accompanied by a player signed Hockey Canada Player Registration Certificate and any other required official paperwork.
35.2. When entering an affiliated player in the web site you must add – AP – right behind the name before saving and also ensure you enter their player position; jersey # and date of birth.
35.3. During the year, Teams MUST let the League Governor know of players being added or player jersey number changes before these activities are implemented and changed in the web site
35.3.1. The Governor’s acknowledgment will either indicate acceptance and permission to proceed or provide other instructions.
35.3.2. Additionally player release must also be advised to the governor before deleting the player from the web site
35.3.3. Failure to seek prior permission in these matters may result in a fine of $50.00 per incidence 
36. It is encouraged that all teams in the HJHL maintain a team web site
36.1. Teams in the HJHL are asked to proudly recognize their membership in the HJHL on the front page of their sites
36.2. Teams are asked that they maintain their sites in a regular and communicative manner
37. HJHL trophies will be as follows:
• Scoring Champion
• Best team Goaltending GAA Record
• League Conference Champions
• League Champion
38. The League, in consultation with the appropriate teams, will determine where trophies are to be stored.
39. As a part of the League’s annual budget, the League will allow for the upkeep of the Annual Trophies and to purchase the keeper plaques that are an awarded to the individual players.
40. The President or League designated Executive Officer shall award League Trophies at a place and time selected by the members.
The President is responsible for proper supervision (and Jurisdiction) of all League activities. He/she shall:
• Be the chief Executive Officer of the league, having general and active management of the business of the league and shall see that all orders and resolution of the members of the league are carried into effect
• Represent any and all of the executive on any occasion and be responsible to his/her executive for the same. Delegate responsibilities and authority to other Executive members as appropriate
• Over-see any issues relative to the completion of scheduled games, decisions on postponed, defaulted, or cancelled games, protests and any disciplinary action that may be deemed necessary by the League's Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.
• Call meetings as scheduled, as whenever deemed necessary, or as by written request of the majority of the league members. Dispatch or have dispatched agendas, minutes and other documents pertinent to the meeting at least 2 weeks in advance
o Scheduled meetings will include
? an annual AGM in May of each year
• Have custody of the official records and papers of the league
• Issue or have issued all League official notices and attend to all necessary correspondence.
• Prepare and furnish such reports as may be called for the by the members of the League.
• Receive and, in consultation with the executive, deal with Issues impacting HJHL By-Laws as well as HA or HC Regulations.
• Have the authority to deal with or designate the responsibility for all disciplinary action as a result of any major penalties or incidents on or off ice before, during, or after a HJHL game taken by a player, coach or team official or game official.
• Attend HA’s designated meetings or other such meeting set aside to deal with Junior B Topics, and must fax a report to all members, two weeks following meeting (s).

The 1ST Vice President is responsible to provide support to the duties of the President in enforcing the League’s Bylaws, Rules and Regulations shall:
• In the absence of the President or at the request of the President, have all powers and perform all the duties of the President.
• Perform such other executive duties as the President may from time to time request.
• From time to time review the League’s Bylaws, Rules and Regulations recommending appropriate changes & or updates to the Executive board.
• Be the main contact for a designated group of teams on all matters relative to needs, problems, conflicts or request of that group of Teams.
• Provide support to the League Governor as needed
• Administer League rules to teams in all matters of the League`s Constitution and By Laws
• Rule on conflicts between any of the designated group of teams utilizing HJHL Policies, By laws and by including other Executive Team members as per the Leagues executive decision practices while also enforcing HA and HC regulations

The 2nd Vice President is responsible to provide support to the duties of the President in enforcing the League’s Bylaws, Rules and Regulations shall:
• In the absence of the President or 1st Vice president. or at the request of the President, have all powers and perform all the duties of the President.
• Perform such other executive duties as the President may from time to time request.
• From time to time assist the 1st Vice President in reviewing the League’s Bylaws, Rules and Regulations recommending appropriate changes & or updates to the Executive board.
• Be the main contact for a designated group of teams on all matters relative to needs, problems, conflicts or request of that group of Teams.
• Provide support to the League Governor as needed
• Administer League rules to teams in all matters of the League`s Constitution and By Laws
• Rule on conflicts between any of the designated group of teams utilizing HJHL Policies, By laws and by including other Executive Team members as per the Leagues executive decision practices while also enforcing HA and HC regulations

The Governor is responsible to provide support to the duties of the President in enforcing the League’s Suspensions, Fines, Game Schedules; Major Penalties; Bylaws, Rules and Regulations as follows:
• He will receive the original game and referee report sheets ensuring game & player stats are captured and recorded and, whenever necessary, apply disciplinary suspensions to players and team officials.
• He shall receive and in consultation with the President and other appropriate executive, deal with all matters of discipline, enacting  suspensions or other disciplinary action as may be deemed necessary and notify in writing and verbally to the people or team involved. Also to be faxed or emailed to all teams and posted on the Web Page.
• He shall from time to time review the League’s Rules and Regulations as they relate to suspensions and fines, recommending appropriate changes & or updates to the Executive board
o He shall prepare and update an annual General manager`s help manual
• He shall keep or arrange to maintain league team; & player statistics and to keep the League Web Page current with all pertinent schedules & Statistics.
o He shall on behalf of the League, hire and negotiate costs for someone to manage the Leagues Web site
• The Governor shall record and track all, cardings, trade and releases of players in the HJHL as per regulations.
o Any team failing to inform the Governor, in writing, of all cardings, trades, and releases of players, prior to a player participating in a game, according to HJHL regulations will be subject to a fine of $50.00. 
o All teams shall be notified of any trades or releases of carded players. So our teams in this league have the availability to players being released. All terms & conditions must accompany the trade.   

• Ensure that all League fees are collected and funds are disbursed as required by the day-to-day operation of the League.
• Record the minutes of all meetings and attend to all correspondence
o Ensure that minutes of any meeting are prepared for electronic distribution
o Ensure all necessary minutes on file, not motioned, are dispatched, at least 2 weeks in advance, along with the agenda of any next meeting.
• Send notices to league members when directed to do so by the President.
• Supply, at the expense of the league, a copy of the constitution, rules and regulations, a supply of referee reports, score sheets and other required information to each league member and executive members.
• Perform such duties as the President by request from time to time.

• Record all receipts and payments, deposit all moneys received in a bank of the league’s choice
• Pay all accounts of the league as directed by the Executive and prepare a statement of receipts and payments to be presented at the Annual general meeting
• Mail out approved payments for League Executive as directed
• Send notices to league members when directed to do so by the President.
• Perform such duties as the President by request from time to time.


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